With fuel of useless old plastic production be about to industrialized

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The 3rd whole world that Singapore researcher held in kuala lumpur recently but peak of second birth the sources of energy announces on the meeting, they use a kind of new method, fuel of successfully translate into of will plastic waste, use hopeful of this kind of technology extensively to solve the problem of fuel shortage and environment of plastic waste pollution at the same time.

Makings rubbish reclaims to have industrial perspective extremely

Because be in electronic product,plastic use quantity increases gradually, bring about quantity of useless old plastic rubbish to rise quickly accordingly. Current, arrange of American environmental protection (EPA) estimation, be in the United States average and annual the plastic rubbish that produces more than 26 million T.

Expert estimation, to 2009, the whole world of good plastic product uses up total value to will reach 120 billion dollar, at the same time the whole world of flexible and plastic products uses up total value to will reach 70 billion dollar. Meanwhile, the whole world packs the plastic consumption of the industry to will reach 190 billion dollar, be next to paper and chipboard use up total value (210 billion dollar) .

Singapore Enviro-Hub company (join environmental protection holding company) how does · of heart of researcher Mu He say in Sa, in be full of the life in people in great quantities for plastic waste of the representing with polybag, but only at present the plastic waste of 30% is reclaimed, remain or be burned or be in by bury underground. Useless old plastic make fuel use old technique to won't do

Say from molecular level, plastic contain a few identical carbolic hydrogen organic compounds with fuel. These hydrocarbons are carbon of prep only by and hydrogenous element composition, different is the bond means of these elements and position. Range the molecular way of fuel afresh for will plastic carbolic hydrogen element, need heats up the splitting decomposition of original bond means of hydrogen of ability general carbon in great quantities. Use original old technique to need to exceed the high temperature of 600 ℃ in reaction process, and the fuel short of that generates below most circumstance but industrialized quality, yield is quite low also, because this uses old technology,achieve industrialization impossibly.
New technology makes industrialization becomes reality

Singapore adds up to the new technology that environmental protection holding company develops to will solve above problem. Its method is crush plastic waste classification, catharsis, air first, tailor-made activator mixes and heat with a kind subsequently to 360 ℃ , make plastic waste is decomposed finally for the liquid state hydrocarbon of 80% kind the fuel, liquid state petroleum gas of 15% and the coke of 5% , and these 3 kinds of material after decomposing can be used circularly again as the sources of energy.
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