Aluminium magnesium reachs the method of a few kinds of finishing of its alloy

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Aluminium magnesium reachs the method of a few kinds of finishing of its alloy
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Metallic surface is in all sorts of heat treatment, machining, carry in reaching custodial process, inevitably meeting is oxidized, produce the oxidation layer of a bad distribution. In the meantime, get easily also all sorts of oil kind pollution and adsorption a few other foreign matter. Smeary reach certain and adsorptive content, thinner oxidation layer can be cleaned with solvent early or late, chemical processing and mechanical processing, or direct chemically processing.

To the metallic surface of serious oxidation, oxidation layer is thicker, cannot be cleaned with solvent directly and chemical processing, and machinery of best and advanced travel is handled. The metallic surface after normally the course is handled has high active, get more easily once more dirt, damp the pollution that wait. For this, the metallic surface after processing should undertake adhesive bonding quickly as far as possible. The metal after handling via differring is custodial period as follows:

(1) wet the aluminium alloy of gush sand preparation, 72h;

(2) chromic acid - the aluminium alloy of vitriolic processing, 6h;

(3) the aluminium alloy of in relief poling, 30 days;

(4) the stainless steel of vitriolic processing, 20 days;

(5) the steel of gush sand preparation, 4h;

(6) wet the brass of gush sand preparation, 8h.

One, aluminium and method of aluminium alloy finishing

[Methodological 1] defatted processing. Undertake wiping with pledget bedew dissolvent, after eliminate is smeary, wipe a few times with clean cotton cloth again can. Commonly used dissolvent is: Ester of second of 3 chloric ethylene, acetic acid, acetone, fourth ketone and benzine.

[In undermentioned solution chemistry handles after methodological 2] is defatted: Thick vitriolic 27.3 heavy chromic acerbity Potassium 7.5 water 65.2 take out after 10-30min of macerate of 60-65 ° C rinse with water, air or in the following drying of 80 ° C; Perhaps wash in undermentioned solution hind again air: Phosphoric acid 10 20 this methods apply to 3 water phenolic aldehyde, nylon glue, the result is favorable.

[In undermentioned solution chemistry handles after methodological 3] is defatted: Fluorine changes 2-2.5 of natrium of phosphoric acid of chromic 20-26 of oxidation of hydrogenous ammonium 3-3.5 water of 0.4-0.6 of boric acid of thick vitriolic 50-60 1000 in 4.5-6min of macerate of 25-40 ° C, undertake namely bath, dry. Intensity of this methodological adhesive bonding is higher, the adhesive bonding inside the 4h after processing, apply to annulus oxygen glue and annulus oxygen - adhesive bonding of fourth nitrile glue.

[In undermentioned solution chemistry handles after methodological 4] is defatted: Phosphoric acid 7.5 oxidation are chromic 7.5 alcohol 5 formaldehyde (36-38% ) 80 in 10-15min of macerate of 15-30 ° C, fall in 60-80 ° C next bath, dry.
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