Magnesium alloy is anticorrosive used cold spray technology

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Cold spray is anticorrosive it is a revolutionary technology, have the aid of this technology but direct, on the spot generates deep aluminous plated film to achieve on magnesium alloy reduce or eliminate common or report corrodes the harm that cause. This technology hopeful overcomes original magnesium alloy the defect of anticorrosive technology, conduce to the exterior cell that uses magnesium at the car thereby.
Cold spray is a solid state craft that cut a figure. This method but will with supersonic the kinetic energy of acceleration solid grain is in bump plating the change when the surface is heat energy, finish metallurgy to solder thereby. The principle of this craft is: Every kinds of metal all has his specific, the critical grain speed related to temperature, can solder namely when grain motion exceeds this one rate at plating over.
In conventional thermal spraying technology, because temperature is higher, film and plating material all can be mixed by deformation of metallurgy of oxidation, generation odd tensile stress. Conversely, the plated film that cold spray craft makes, porosity is very low (<0.5% ) , and antirust, prevent change, to a variety of metals, cermet or other data combination all can reduce tensile stress.
In technology of high-pressured cold spray, high-pressured helium or nitrogen (450 pounds of 350 ~ / square inch) use as carrier gas, can accelerate spray material supersonic rate. Gas is heated and pass a focusing compulsively - shower nozzle of disperse the internal heat with sudorifics (De Laval) , the place is come to exceed acoustical rate quickly (be more than 1000 meters / second) . Spray grain is in shower nozzle upper reaches square by edge axial infuse.
In technology of low-pressure cold spray, nitrogen or air are reached by pressurization 15 pounds of 70 ~ / square inch, and spray powder is in of the place of disperse the internal heat with sudorifics of shower nozzle downstream infuse of square edge radial. System of low-pressure cold spray is portable, run more economy, grain speed can amount to 800 meters / second. Machine of portable cold spray can be used at the spray that metal of etc of aluminous, copper, zinc combines. Facilitate carry character to make low pressure cold spray machine more apply to field to maintain with repair.
Cold spray technology is in magnesium alloy apparently a kind of when make deep aluminous plated film effective method, this method is not tall to exterior preparation requirement, and to plating mechanical or heat is characteristic need not attend to. Aluminous plated film shows pair of magnesian component to have prevent all sorts of and the ability that report corrodes. A lot of moment, it is only all round steel fastener need undertakes batteries corrodes protection, and the innovation technology that cold spray just is a kind of local to exposing magnesium surface to undertake protection.
But, be necessary to have more sufficient research to understand and improve cold spray technology, innovate to the ceaseless development of a variety of material combination and itself of cold spray craft especially, and use data much betterly at prospective technology, still need to undertake much research works.
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