New technology of floatation of granule of tin ore of cupreous lead zinc

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This is one is helpful for raising symbiosis mine and in utilization rate of low grade mine, prop up the new technology that develops circular economy in nonferrous metal industry.

1. A technical fundamental

Use the thick bead effect of congener mine bead in floatation system and carrier function, in convention thick bead (200 eye) below floatation equipment condition, in granule (400 eye) thick bead grading undertakes appropriately in ore pulp, change the condition of physico-chemical water motivation in floatation machine, using this technology domestic and internationally at mining industry production first. Be aimed at mine of vulcanization lead zinc, join the technical program to sludge system as thick bead carrier with raw ore, with sludge alone floatation photograph is compared, raise lead to reclaim rate 6% , zinc reclaims lead 12% above; Be aimed at granule cassiterite ore, use agglomeration - the technology such as carrier floatation, compare with groovy floatation photograph, raise stannic metal to reclaim lead 6% above; In the light of vulcanization - oxidation mixes copper mine, use the thick bead effect of vulcanization mine thick concentrate, reclaim with mine of thick bead vulcanization granule oxidation mine, incorporate vulcanization mine concentrate and oxidation mine concentrate at the same time, solved difficult problem of losing of the metal in shock machine overflow; Join concentrate of content of copper mine of monomer of a paragraph of thick bead to serve as carrier, form " copper mine stone is preferential - carrier floatation craft " . Be aimed at - 19um granule ilmenite, use alternative scanty water to get together round floatation technology and technology of floatation of thick grain carrier, improved the floatation result of granule ilmenite. New technology altogethers in Guangdong mine of buccal lead zinc, company of Guangxi height mining industry, lake Beijing University seductivelies dressed or made up nonferrous metal company, jiangxi heart promoted company of copper mine and estate of titanium of company of kapok iron and steel to undertake applied.

2. Craft characteristic

(1) decided cent of element of carrier floatation craft is physical element, chemical element and geometrical element. Physical element includes: Time of mix rate, agitate and scale of degree of finish; Chemical element includes: Value of ore pulp PH, catch type of mineral and temperature of type receiving a dose and dosage, ore pulp, deliquescent constituent, dispersive agent and dosage to wait; Geometrical element includes: The structure of agitate container reachs the relation of impeller appearance.

(2) the floatation that solved sludge of vulcanization lead zinc reclaims difficult problem, because mine of zinc of lead of Guangdong every mouth uses VCR mining method, make quantity of sludge of ore dressing plant increases, its characteristic is mineral give priority to with the vulcanization mine such as galena, blende and pyrite, size is small, exterior pollution is serious, oxidation rate is high, index of sludge system mineral separation is wrong. Be opposite according to theory of the interaction between grain and model of thick bead effect different sludge undertook every mouth mine study in great quantities, formed finally mix the new technology that has floatation with sludge and raw ore placer deposit, include:
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