Abandon the second birth processing technique of miscellaneous aluminium

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Abandon the second birth treatment of miscellaneous aluminium, general course is the following 4 primary process.

(1) abandons the equipment of aluminous makings to make

Above all, undertake primary classification to abandoning aluminium, classification pile up, like aluminium, be out of shape aluminium alloy, cast aluminium alloy, compound. To useless aluminous goods, should undertake tearing open solving, purify and nonferrous metal of etc of iron and steel of aluminous makings connective, again via cleaning, the working procedure such as broken, magnetic separation, drying makes the material that abandon aluminium. Useless to a frivolous and inattentive shape old aluminium, axle sleeve of gear of the locking arm that goes up like the car, speed and aluminous bits, should hit with packer of hydraulic pressure metal press into the bag. To steel core aluminous skeining thread, should depart first steel core, circle aluminum steel into next roll.

Iron kind the smelt with aluminous to abandoning impurity is very harmful, iron crosses a long time to be able to form the metallic crystallization body of brittleness in aluminium character, reduce its machinery performance thereby, abate its fight corrode ability. The quantity that contain iron should be controlled commonly in 1.2

% is the following. To containing iron the quantity is in 1.5

The useless lead of % above, can use at the deoxidizer of iron and steel industry, commercial aluminium alloy uses the fusion abandoning aluminium with the high volume that contain iron rarely. Current, can satisfactory without very successful method eliminate is returned to abandon iron of the excessive in aluminium in aluminous industry, put the iron that be in with stainless steel form especially.

Paint, oil often is contained in useless aluminium kind, the organic metalloid foreign matter such as plastic, balata. Before melt down smelt, must try to try to keep clear of. To lead kind useless aluminium, can use machine commonly abrade or cut come off, heat come off, chemistry comes off wait for measure purify wrapping. Domestic company is at present commonly used the method purify dielectric of high temperature ablation, ablation process lieutenant general produces many harmful gas, pollute air severely. If use low temperature roast come off with machinery the idea that combines, make through heat energy first dielectric bate, mechanical intensity is reduced, come off through mechanical knead next come down, can achieve already so purify a purpose, dielectric material can reclaim again in the meantime. The coating of surface of the household utensils that abandon aluminium, smeary with etc contaminant, can use the organic dissolvent such as acetone to clean, if still cannot keep clear of, ought to use Qi Lu to take off lacquer. The highest temperature that takes off Qi Lu is unfavorable more than 566 ℃ , want to abandon stock to keep enough time inside furnace only, general oil kind all can keep clear of clean with coating.
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