200 distinguish with 300 useless steel method

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Be in as 200 series of home market current, through the precipitation of period of time, 200 series abandon steel amount to increase gradually. Reclaim to 200 series and 300 series useless steel the job brought certain difficulty, very easy and promiscuous not clear.

As we have learned, a few days ago the divisional method of the most popular cost lowest on the market is to pass a kind to cry " N8N6 " , " M2 " liquid medicine will distinguish, "N8N6 " the content that basically uses divisional nickel, go to daub of this kinds of liquid medicine the surface of useless steel, receive on 9 arc again (sound, a magnanimity of means voltage is represented) voltage, positive electrode receives armor plate to go up, negative pole receives the liquid medicine of daub to go up, judge the content of nickel through observing color comes, distinguish then steel is planted. "M2 " basically use at distinguishing 304 with 316 useless steel, method and principle and " N8N6 " consistent.

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