Of metallic titanium make take methodological skill

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Titanium and its alloy have density small anti-corrosive, high temperature resistant wait for superior performance. World titanium industry is experiencing the onefold mode that is staple market with aerospace, what attach most importance to bit of development to the civil domain such as medicine of metallurgy, the sources of energy, traffic, chemical industry, biology is multivariate mode transfers. The state that can undertake titanium industrialization is produced on the world at present has the United States, Japan, Russia, China to wait for a few country only, the world of titanium year total output is only tens of thousands of tons. But the major strategy value as a result of titanium and the position in national economy, after titanium will make afterwards iron, aluminium, rise abruptly " the 3rd metal " , 21 centuries will be the century of titanium.
The production of current titanium uses the production methods of current titanium the metal heats up reductive law, its are to point to use metallic reducer (R) and metallic oxide or chloride (the M of reaction preparation metal of M X) . The titanium metallurgy method that has implemented industrialized production heats up reductive law for magnesium (Kroll law) heat up reductive law with sodium (Hunter law) . Produce cost than Kroll law because of Hunter law tall, the method that uses extensively in industry at present so has Kroll way only. Kroll law is developed from 1948 at the outset because its cost is tall, reductive efficiency is low and be criticized. Half century went, this craft does not have fundamental change, remain intermittent type production, those who fail to realize production is successive change.
The development that the industry of titanium of new trend world of production methods passes metallic titanium a few years, although be opposite,Kroll law and Hunter law undertook a series of improve, but they all are intermittent operation, small improvement can not lower the price of titanium substantially. Because this should be developed new, of low cost influence craft ability continuously from go up at all solve Gao Sheng to produce cost this one problem. For this, researcher had much experimentation and research. The key of current research has the following kinds of methods: Electrochemistry is reductive law to reduce cost, direct to metallic titanium deoxidize undertook people consider. The chroma that foreign somebody makes dissolve oxygen originallies in titanium with the method of electrochemistry reduces check outside to be restricted (500 Ppm) is the following. They think to be in the process of electrochemistry deoxidize, deoxidize agent calcium is in electroanalysis chloridize calcium arises when frit salt, o2- is in zincous the formal separate out with CO2 or CO. This kind of new-style tall rarefied method, use at the to oxigenate of titanium not only, and apply to the rare-earth metal such as yttric, neodymium, and can make oxygen content is reduced arrive 10ppm.
The flow of the industrialized experiment of the method of electrochemistry is: Use titanium dioxide powder above all pouring or pressure figuration, agglomeration hind makes negative electrode, it is positive pole with black lead, it is frit salt with CaCl2, undertake electroanalysising in black lead or titanium crucible. What add 3.2V of voltage 2.8V ~ , under CaCl2 resolve tension (3.2V ~ 3.3V) . Electroanalysis after proper time, cathode turns into by white gray, observation falls in SEM, the TiO2 change of 0.25 μ M is the titanium sponge of 12 μ M. It is frit salt with chloridize calcium, the mainest reason is his the price is low, and have certain solubility to O2- , make the titanium of separate out is oxidized not easily; Additional, caCl2 is avirulent, to environmental free from contamination.
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