Forum of the 2nd northeast metal is held in Shenyang

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Recently, bureau of inspect of card of Shanghai futures exchange, Liaoning hand in hand limited company of China International futures, metaphase futures limited company, metaphase fine add up to futures limited company and Shenyang sincere tell metallic limited company, forum of the 2nd northeast metal was held in Shenyang. Came from the industry expert such as association of trade of futures of association of industry of Chinese nonferrous metal, China to do special subject to make a speech respectively.

Enterprise attending the meeting shows huge enthusiasm to the speech of each expert, the problem that cares to place and each expert communicates. Concerned industry expresses, this second conference makes his right not only of option market avoid danger function is reached how reasonable use set period the knowledge that risk of market of the avoid that keep a cost had profundity, and industry expert is analysed to what economic situation will reach metallic market henceforth look into the operation development of the enterprise will have direct effect more pair henceforth.

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