Forum of industry of stress of industry of countrywide rare opium will be held i

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Forum of industry of stress of industry of countrywide rare opium was held in Bao Gang recently. Come from 5 mine of Chinese more than 100 delegate of more than 70 manufacturer entered the industry of countrywide rare earth such as nonferrous metal Inc. informal discussion. Rare earth industry is characteristic industry of Bao Gang and advantage industry. In recent years, bao Gang is carried out " optimize steely, outstanding rare earth " development strategy, above city firm " Bao Gang rare earth " to rely on, strengthen north energetically the fountainhead control of small rare land, the combination that promotes rare opium trade recombines, applied industry does supportive rare earth greatly strong, stability of trade of rare to our country opium, healthy progress had positive effect. Current, total production value of property of Baotou city rare land achieves one billion four hundred and ten million and sixty-five thousand four hundred and eight yuan. The rare earth industrialization that advanced Baotou and even China develops.

Industry of Baotou rare earth is facing unprecedented development opportunity, trade of domestic rare land from arrive without foreword orderly, provided top-ranking poineering platform to rare opium trade. City of municipality, Baotou will roll out a series of policy, bend force makes rare earth industry use garden area, with rare earth deep treatment and new and high technology push a company promotion actual strength and participate in competition. Union is present the development demand of rare opium trade, the key does well progress of structural adjustment, technology and work of new product development, enhance the core competition ability of the product. Great strength has been done below company of rare opium production " 3 change to be strengthened " the job, cogent make good reform, reorganization, transform and strengthen an enterprise to produce management, promote a product effectively competition ability and market force, occupation standard of farther program, advance own brand construction, in rising, trade of national rare ground is in the competition ability of the international market.

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