China emperor aluminous course of study holds first 4 management forum

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A few days ago, limited company ran aluminous line of business of Shanxi China emperor first 4 management forum, 40 more than person attended cadre of above of this enterprise middle-level forum.

Forum is deserved to send controller of factory of element of center, charcoal to undertake give a lecture via battalion headquarters, goods and materials by the plan, people of 3 give a lecture part with " normative investment manages " , " 6S management " , " shallow the scientific sex that talks about management and artistic quality " for the problem, aluminous estate of combinative China emperor is real circumstance, manage to investment flow and specific the problem that in moving, exists undertook an analysis, to the company next investment management jobs put forward to improve a proposal; From 6 the respect undertook be treatised in detail to 6S management, join meeting staff each airs his own views, the view that offerred oneself and opinion are applied mediumly in practice to 6S.

It is the article below the likelihood affects or involve board piece: Examine this to classify trade of all stock prices a prices general survey

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