2008 China (Guangzhou) international is special steel industry exhibition

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In November 2008 25-27 day
Place: Conference of international of Guangzhou white cloud exhibits a center

Sponsor an unit
Chamber of commerce of course of study of metallurgy of Chinese business association
Guangdong saves association of iron and steel industry
Guangdong saves committee of special steel major
Support an unit
China International commerce promotes branch of meeting metallurgy industry
Guangdong saves machinist job to run quality association
Constituent unit
Guangzhou article exhibits exhibition limited company

Assist run an unit
Group of medium of German Hansen business affairs

■ whole journey of media of more than 100 China and foreign countries covers, launch strong promotion; Make China industry of the first special steel is exhibited.
■ Guangdong -- world plant, the center of Chinese manufacturing industry, special steel consumes demand to have the market of latent capacity most.
■ the major such as traffic of car, mechanical, home appliance, war industry, chemical industry, shipping, railroad buys the home to gather together.
■ domestic and international guild is made jointly, build professional platform, share purchase dealer natural resources domestic and internationally formidably.

■ the special steel industry of swift and violent development
Special steel is the national economy such as car, machinery, war industry, chemical industry, home appliance, shipping, traffic, railroad and burgeoning industry the steel that major industry must use kind product. In our country industrialized process, especially the modernization of industry of national economy convention upgrades transform, the development of industry of burgeoning and new and high technology and national defence modernization, effectively is pulled move China to actor spy steel is produced and consume quantitative growth, special the product structure of steel industry is optimized further. Be opposite at the same time special promotion of mass of steel tradition material, change and breed structure, raise newer, taller requirement ceaselessly. The growth of Chinese manufacturing industry provided a space for development of domestic special steel, the abidance of production industry develops quickly, especially the industry such as mechanical, car, Electromechanical, shipbuilding, driving to the demand of actor spy steel, more special the development of steel industry provided vast development space. "China (Guangzhou) special steel industry exhibits international " will cover special steel industry to exhibit business and audience to appear each important segment, production and treatment process, collect exhibition is revealed, the technology communicates the international platform at a suit. Will be a center with Guangzhou, it is an advantage with brand and dimensions, make those who lead special steel industry development internationally arena; Meet you will conform with the world through exhibiting, the development international of the oldest rate and home market.
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