The 3rd 2009 China (Fosan) stainless steel industry is exhibited

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Industry of the 3rd stainless steel is exhibited; Wire of · of great ability of · of material of canal of · of strip of · of the 3rd plank is exhibited
Time: 29 years on March 26, 28 days of places: Hu anxious  sails happy travel of Mei Qin appraise
Postpone meeting introduction

Rely on solid industrial base and huge market prop up reach consumption, current, foreign trade the organic union of 3 large dominant positions, china (Fosan) exposition of international metal industry tries hard through two and accumulate, with professional the consequence in industry and whole recognize the advantage that support of tall, government promotes quality of strong, audience degree rise ceaselessly, grow quickly already it is the metal with the strongest competition ability of Hua Na area kind exhibit meeting. More and more industries are famous business of manufacturer and terminal user, agency, foreign trade regards the development market, platform that establishs a brand and the window that seek high grade collaboration supplier as his. Before two exhibit an area to make an appointment with 23500 square metre, ginseng of China and foreign countries postpones a business 463. Exhibit meeting name look forward to to gather, new beautiful many, the design that exhibit a stage is contended for strange fight beautiful, except well-known company, appear on the market outside the company, the medium and small businesses with large quantities of one burgeoning growing extremely strong sexes also shapes brand image with fitting pattern especially in succession, install especially exhibit an area to was as high as 53%; to obtain relatively remarkable result. Exhibited meeting the corresponding period to hold high level seminar, invited an industry famous expert publishs thematic speech, occasion is enthusiastic.

Should join the demand organizing committee that postpones a business to be exhibited from the 3rd can begin special administrative area of business of ad hoc brand. The whole year's work depends on a good start in spring, business chance all is in for a short while. Invite sincerely you to take high-quality goods, name to taste, taste newly exhibit with installing atmospheric figure to join especially, achieve in all, share business chance!

Ginseng of all previous part postpones a business (the rank does not divide early or late) : Treasure steel group, saddle steel group, too steel group, Japan metalworking, Japan is the same as and, French luck De Kesi, United States Hua Xinli of couplet of bright of Senmaier, Taiwan, Taiwan

Extend meeting advantage

Compose builds a metal to trade platform, share development tremendous business chance. 5 large dominant positions, reflect successfully!

★ time beautiful: Utmost holds the first of annual purchased the turning point of busy season March, this phase is upriver enterprise ginseng exhibits promotion product, propaganda paterial card, master market new information, production of downstream industry organization is purchased reach agency to order goods the optimal schedule for showing motion pictures in a theater that seeks high grade supplier, communication of both sides of supply and demand negotiates be in active, active period.
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