Aluminium holds treatment company to develop strategic seminar in

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Aluminium holds treatment company to develop strategic seminar in

News of Chinese aluminous trade: On June 10, 2008 - 11 days, company of Chinese aluminous estate machines an enterprise to develop strategic seminar to be held in Beijing. Xiao Yaqing of secretary of company leading Party group, general manager attends the meeting and make important speech, fourth salangane of vice-president of Inc. of Chinese aluminous course of study moderates.

Aluminium holds treatment company to develop strategic seminar in

On the seminar, department of company market trade, aluminous treatment fastened conformity of sale of aluminous treatment and development strategy to make special subject make a speech partly, 15 copper aluminium processes a business (academy) expert of chief, specially invite and concerned leader, the problem that around treatment the industry exists, problem such as foreground of the opportunity that face, development undertook thorough delibrate.

Xiao Yaqing general manager emphasizes in the speech, the development that cupreous aluminium machines is medium the main component in strategy of aluminous company development, in last few years, the company recombines through project construction, reform, cupreous aluminium treatment got rapid development. Expand demand according to national economy and market, the company should be in treatment board already was advanced ceaselessly on some foundations piece reform and development, aggrandizement management, increase gain capacity.

Be aimed at treatment company the development henceforth, xiao Yaqing put forward to asked at 5 o'clock: It is to liberate the understanding of the thought, importance that deepens aluminous to copper treatment further; 2 it is firm establish overall situation consciousness, overall situation consciousness, advance treatment board actively piece integrated; The 3 rules that are development of treatment of aluminium of further exploration copper, accelerate development rate, raise development level; 4 it is base of farther tamp government, want beneficial result to management, cogent increase gain capacity; 5 it is perfect whole program, specific aim ground increases ability to change investment strength, raise project yield.

Luo Jianchuan of two companies leader, Liu Caiming, Zhang Chengzhong, Ren Xudong, Chen Jihua, Liu Xiangmin, Ding Haiyan, Jiang Yinggang, Mao Yuanjian, member of expert advisory committee attends a seminar, company of 15 chief of firm concerned department, treatment (academy) the chief that main controller and production, sale works attends the meeting.

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