Copper of the 2nd China International is exhibited will hold in Shanghai October

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By machinist of association of industry of treatment of Chinese nonferrous metal, China trade union is mixed the fair of industry of copper of the 2nd China International that Beijing Zhen Wei exhibits limited company to be sponsorred jointly, will in October 2008 15~17 day is in Shanghai · smooth congress exhibits a center to hold.

It is reported, current exhibiting can be facilities of production of timber of raw material of Chinese omnibus copper, copper and processing technique exhibition, revealed cupreous industry to develop the current situation in the round, it is the supplier of raw material, semi-manufactured goods, finished product, copper produces the machinery of treatment and finishing respect, equipment, and the enterprise that waits for business to be engaged in this trade trade, advisory service and applied industry, offerred internationally reveal and negotiate platform. Exhibit meeting the corresponding period to will be organized " 2008 China copper processing technique and applied forum (association of industry of treatment of Chinese nonferrous metal is sponsorred) " and " Chinese copper industry plans to be in build a project to reveal " wait for an activity.

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