Euro area is urgent come on stage " come to help " plan

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Euro area is urgent come on stage " come to help " plan

Euro area is urgent come on stage " come to help " plan

On October 13, french president Sakeqi speaks on the press conference that Parisian the Elysee Palace holds. Meet what 12 days of evening pass help city action plan according to euro group peak, french president Sakeqi rolled out the plan helping city of 360 billion euro formally 13 days in the Elysee Palace.

Storm of American banking crisis is coming over to the whole world, european fall victim is be the first to be affected more. For urgent fire fighting, crisis of banking of keep within limits is in Europe spread and indulge in wilful persecution, in state of law of chairman of European Union spell presidential Sa division is advocated together below, euro area 15 countries head is met at assembling in Paris to hold a summit 12 days afternoon, baluozun of chairman of committee of Braun, European Union mixes premier of England of country of blame euro area Terry thanks president of European Central Bank to be attended on invitation.

The conference adopted an action plan finally, namely country of euro area member will assure through issueing bond to offer for the bank wait for means, the financing that the financial orgnaization such as the bank is in short supply because of fluidity and is faced with in order to alleviate is difficult. Additional, country of euro area member will be passed buy preferential a capital outside waiting for means to provide the specified number to financial orgnaization, undertake noting to the financial orgnaization of get into trouble endowment, in order to make sure its run normally.

According to the accord that the peak can reach, the country such as law, heart, meaning will publish program of respective the action that help city in succession. Meaning of euro area country acts to achieve the result that helps city jointly separately in what pass each country.

The conference holds before today, sakeqi and Mokeer are before France double cathedral village lifts the shellfish of dragon of home town division of presidential Daigaole to meet all right. Subsequently, sakeqi expresses, "All all all decisions, preparation, analysises make our opinion more unanimous. " Mokeer also emphasizes saying: "Face international banking crisis, to avoid the Europe that we establish big market is destroyed at once, to make euro area country make negotiate consistent reaction, heart, law is all the time hand in hand and row. " can say accordingly, the plan helping city that euro area country adopts is law, heart saves what city action plans actually " enlarge edition " .

Euro area country holds a peak to meet, this is returned in Europe is first time. Because euro area country also is country of European Union member actually, other country does bypass European Union additionally wary go against solidarity. This leader of law, heart broke old contraindication, the decision reachs the action to plan inside limits of state of preexistence euro area, popularize to whole European Union again next, so OK little dispute over trifles, achieve the goal that help city as soon as possible.
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