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Financial crisis grows in intensity
Nonferrous metal drops more miserable more

The panic of global banking crisis and spread outspread already to derive taste the market, nonferrous metal price is shown break down the have diarrhoea below the gender, a week after SMMI section drops 16.37 % , among them copper, nickel is gotten again drop, steep fall 20.19 % are mixed respectively 21 % .

Copper: The crisis of money market already affected the psychology of market adventurer to prop up, what liquidated finish to cause international commodity market in great quantities is successive steep fall, 5 fine jade last week point to drop 8000 bits brokener. It is what answer current banking crisis jointly to spread, 15 countries carry euro district on the head meeting that leader holds 12 days in Paris a plan, "It is a bank by each country government again financing is offerred assure and note to the bank endowment " . Euro district leader is consistent and affirmatory, "Won't let orgnaizations of any a large finance be in the crisis collapse " . An announcement that the group is in 20 countries 12 days says, "It is normal to will employ all economies and financial measure to ensure the stability of money market is mixed movement " . Then this Zhou Yi, global stock market rises, euro add dollar is driving go up raise, dollar index is strong tall 83.19 hind, be hit to approach fall after a rise, but still wander at 81.5 right-and-left perch, LME copper price is in last week 5 steep fall nearly 15 % , touch low what come 3 years is low hind, appear super- drop to rebound considerably, zhou Yi returns litre of 5000 dollars late of purpose, rebound interest raises 150-200 dollar. If human relations copper is short-term,drop situation put delay, the likelihood is attracted meet low buy dish catch copy a bottom to rebound, but before financial structure had be notted stabilize, basic trend already decided Xiong Fu, vigilance rebounds of new sky attack once more, drop to still happen likely further.

Shanghai period copper continues to drop now stop, already was successive the 5th drops stop board. But Zhou Yi is late of human relations copper rebound the filling that compressed tomorrow period copper drops extent and space, avoided the 3rd the 2nd round to drop after halting reproduction, stop dish awkward. Show cupreous 41100-41500 in the morning yuan, agio 2300-2700 yuan, relatively agio already closed 4000 yuan considerably than agio extent last week narrow. Outer afternoon dish of rebounding evidence is medium, the market stops to put money, anticipate tomorrow is in hold firm 41000 yuan hind, agio will be contractible, greet brief technical rebound. But whether did cupreous price already see bottom, cupreous price still comparatives in 4900 dollars performance flimsy, of external environment fluctuant, push human relations copper extremely easily once more to 4600 dollars around and copper of human relations of prep close behind, lose the domestic copper value of ego completely already, 40000 yuan will still be not protected, and will fall measure 35000-38000 yuan a gleam of, return the price interval when October 2005.
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