European each country rolls out nearly 2 trillion dollar to help city plan

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China Daily net is round-the-world and online message: On October 13, the government of European each country that is a delegate with Fa Deying publishs corresponding banking to deliver a plan in succession, in order to carry brace up the bank system of small with each passing day blown away by wind, what always note capital specified number to already amounted to nearly 2 trillion dollar is gigantic.

13 days, benevolent rule government office rolls out 500 billion euro (640 billion dollar) banking delivers a plan, french president Sakeqi announces France will take out 360 billion euro (491 billion dollar) help bank overshoots financial crisis. Cloth of Yi Xuan of British Ministry of finance is noted in all to 3 banks endowment 37 billion (63 billion dollar) pound. In addition, spanish cabinet approved a few measure that day, will this year to most 100 billion euro (107.3 billion dollar) bank debt is offerred assure, approve a government to buy the share of the bank that needs capital.

England, germany, france, spain, austria and Portuguese the plan helping city that announces early or late inside recently is noted endowment total amount already amounted to 1.96 trillion dollar. The use of these capital that help city will enter the right path as money market and stop.

Analytic review says, the move that government of European each country helps city jointly makes bush-administration rescuing plan of 700 billion dollar to inferior by comparison. Associated rescuing operation also is needle of be between the beetle and the block strong heart of potion of bank system infuse, stabilized market confidence effectively, europe and Asian stock market begin to pick up.

15 countries carry district of 12 days of euro on the head meeting that leader holds in Paris an action plan, agree to be a bank by each country government again financing is offerred assure and note to the bank endowment, with answering current financial crisis jointly.

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