The hard hour of futures broker just just perhaps begins

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Go 5 years to entering for travel of superabundant futures broker Huang Yi, a week that just goes is the period of time with the most tired out body and mind in his profession career probably.

The storehouse of cupreous futures bull that because partial client is before National Day long holiday,did not reduce hold actively, "11 " during outside dish of cupreous price drop considerably, make suffer after open quotation of domestic period city inflict heavy losses on, under one's name of Huang Yi travel counts the usable capital instant with a client medium account to become negative worth. As drop the aggravate of prices, "Wear a storehouse " client -- futures trades bail amount appears the client of negative worth also appeared. " because such, the agent that I give priority to course of study this with trading is abrupt last week ' change personally ' became ' demand repayment specialist ' " , forced smile of Huang Yi travel.

Differ with the bill broker, futures broker is finished besides help client outside trading, return the capital risk condition that must notice a client. If the client is when usable capital is insufficient cannot seasonable and complemental bail, client account can be enforced to make the same score a storehouse; If successive unilateral prices allows the earnest money of investor under 0, and the client increases capital not in time again, futures firm must be employed come from some risk reserve the breach of complemental bail.

October 3 is home rests during city outside dish the last trade day, period copper starts LME3 month gave the history of 13.49% the biggest odd week drops. When Huang Yi recalls the case that day all right, say, "I know we have a trouble. "I know we have a trouble..

On October 6, huang Yi reached the office 7:30 all right. "Although at that time, also hope period copper can be in LME3 month the Asia is early between curbstone in rebound somewhat, the price of such home is unapt perhaps seal from beginning to end drop stop " , he says.

Last nevertheless hope is undone still, outside dish the price of copper and other goods is in Asian period of time traded that day relay add drops considerably, domestic each breed was to appear more unprecedented all fronts drops stop. "When I open futures bar system, ' iron lever bull ' people had arrived to lose the security number of the value to jump on screen. " Huang Yi says all right.

On October 6, the account altogether with occurrence insufficient earnest money of under one's name of Huang Yi travel has 5, among them 1 is legal person account, 4 are natural person account. Legal person account is in that day dish in complemental bail, and the record that there are any filling pay earnest moneys in natural person account.

In natural person account, the hold before an account grows a holiday 10 hands copper, all valence is in 53400 yuan, and surplus earnest money is only 20 thousand yuan, total client rights and interests is controlled in 367 thousand yuan. But on October 6 after reopen after a cessation of business the first day, the usable capital on this account because of cupreous futures drop stop became - 87000 yuan. That day after settle accounts, huang Yi is in what the firm increased cupreous futures again to trade all right bail, gave out bail to increase an announcement to this client, but this account did not increase any capital.
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