Dow Jones index falls defeat 8600 a little bit to achieve 5 years new low

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Dow Jones index falls defeat 8600 a little bit to achieve 5 years new low (group plan)

On October 9, the member that trade pays close attention to prices inside stock exchange of American new York.

Dow Jones index falls defeat 8600 a little bit to achieve 5 years new low (group plan)

On October 9, index of DAX of German Frankfurt stock market falls 2. 53 % , close at 4887 bits.

Xinhua net new York on October 9 report (reporter willow) as a result of credit market still constrictive go low to hit continuously with international oil price press finance and the sources of energy board piece, and general motors share price drops to 58 years to come new low, stock market of 9 days of new York steeps fall again, dow Jones index drops more than 650 a little bit, close at 8600 bits the following, mark general drops also exceed 7 % .
In the whole world main Central Bank lowers interest infrequently together later, the constrictive state of credit market still does not have the evidence that become loose. Interest rate of 9 days of short-term loan of a person of same business of bank of London of dollar of the previous night of 3 months rise considerably to 4. 75 % . Before this, american Ministry of finance grows Baoersen to warn, there is more bank to go bankrupt in the meeting before credit environment is able to improve. Although, the report says American Ministry of finance is considering to be noted directly to the bank endowment, become a shareholder likely bank, but analytic personage points out, before leasehold activity is new and brisk, any act very be a hard job to the market to offer prop up. That day, american bank, Hua Qi drops all exceed 10 % , financial board piece issue defeat considerably 12 % .

Additional, investor is afraid, after afterwards bank and certificate business, life-insurance industry will become the victim with financial new crisis. Business believes group of American Bao Dexin banking and Bermuda reinsurance benefit banking firm steeped fall 23 % are mixed respectively 54 % .

Standard general Er 10 large trades board piece in except finance get outside dropping, the sources of energy also drop before leaning. Although the the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries expresses, will hold urgent meeting to discuss issue of reduction of output, but futures of crude oil of international of market of 9 days of new York still dropped 2. 7 % , close at every pails of 87 dollars the following. The share price all fronts of the oil tycoon such as dust gram Sen Meifu and snow Buddha dragon glides.

That day, as close together as credit market and macroeconomic connection automobile industry is hit again pressure. General motors weighs defeat 31 % , drop to since 1950 new low. The share price of Ford also issues defeat considerably 22 % . The analysis points out, today bright car sale of two years may glide further. General of grade orgnaization mark expresses, the likelihood reduces the grade of car manufacturer for " rubbish class " .
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