Metallic market goes situation occurrence become divided

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Shanghai copper trades the 5th times continuously yesterday day drops stop, and Shanghai aluminium and Shanghai zinc rise considerably

Report from our correspondent yesterday, get periphery market likelihood get warm again after a cold spell, and trade cost is propped up, domestic aluminous price is in experienced after steeping fall last week, rebound strong, and gold futures is big however defeat. The analyst expresses, credit crisis may alleviate temporarily, goods goes situation or occurrence become divided.

Yesterday, european main Central Bank releases associated statement to say, will provide the full dollar liquidity that they need to the commercial bank, with alleviating further the tight situation of monetary market. And here before today, euro area leader signed 15 countries program of an extensive action, in order to answer the influence that place of global banking crisis brings.

Hong Jiangyuan of president of futures of Xin country couplet expresses, 700 billion dollar saves American government city, and subsequently each country Central Bank lowers interest together act, short-term inside did not have very big effect to the market, if,do not pass back-to-back come again fierce medicine of the 3rd agent, bring about market state of mind possibly to produce change at any time.

Last week 5, the gold that regards capital as port turns around suddenly however downward, odd-numbered days drops greatly 7.15% , almost embezzle before this 4 days all going up. Nevertheless, interest rate of dollar of Europe of 3 months Libor rose however 0.06875, newspaper 4.18175% , still show the difference with huge market.

Suffer this effect, domestic option market after this week open quotation, each metal breed goes up drop each different. Among them, advanced a few trade sun rises one after another dropping gold, firmly is sealed dead yesterday drop park the position, brunt of final Shanghai gold agreement dropped in December 10.09 yuan, every gram signs up for 191.54 yuan. Shanghai aluminium and Shanghai zinc respect, outside although do not have,getting of the previous night dish the support that rise, but yesterday dish in however concussion goes tall, among them Shanghai aluminium rebounds strong strong to 5% harden, shanghai zinc also will low 300 bits of lost territory that leave all count recover.

Because price of 5 LME copper steeps fall last week 8.35% , shanghai copper does not give expect to appear the 5th day to drop yesterday stop. Run way according to exchange risk, if drop once more now,stop, tomorrow will stop a card to trade one day, adopt make the same score a storehouse forcibly or expand go up drop stop board means will dissolve a venture. Last week 4, shanghai copper futures already was carried out to pass to make the same score a storehouse forcibly.

Jing Chuan of analyst of futures of Great Wall great exploit expresses, although economy anticipates bad, but go up from the main area of each metal for, subsistent difference. For instance every tons of loss is aluminous ingot of stop production of domestic aluminous factory 2000 yuan of RMBs, in aluminous price considerably the circumstance of its production cost issues deviate, do not eliminate aluminous plant the likelihood of mass reduction in production. And although zincic price drops already broken cost, but what produce in smelt process is vitriolic wait for by-product, can offset refine factory loss however. In addition cupreous respect, occupy the personage inside course of study additionally to analyse, at present cupreous price already under smeltery limit cost, bring about its to continue the apiration of increase production is reduced greatly.
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