Most metal price goes high

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Commodity market sums up: The whole world a lot of markets are mutual and associated, most implementation rises strong, many states government expresses to will be the loan between the bank to offer before assure, affirmatory undertake noting endowment. Australia federal bank says, crude oil rises in price the upbeat mood that may be avoided global economy to put delay badly by plan of saving of market concerned banking is driven. New York business reachs place crude oil futures is newest in November go up 4.13 dollars, to every pails of 81.83 dollars. Upbeat mood still props up cheap metal to go tall, recover last week 5 drop half. London metal bourse futures of 3 months copper is newest go up 7.1% , reach every tons 5, 130 dollars; Aluminous futures rises 1.8% , reach every tons 2, 255 dollars; Stannum goes up 3.0% , reach every tons 14, 525 dollars; Nickel goes up 4.3% , reach every tons 12, 700 dollars; Lead goes up 5.8% , reach every tons 1, 560 dollars; Zinc goes up 1.7% , reach every tons 1, 475 dollars. But rise strong because of the stock market, investor withdrew to avoid dangerous section has gold, bring about gold to go low, newest newspaper every ounce 832.2 dollars, relatively hand in easy day to drop 17.7 dollars, before dish medium wave moves interval to be 872.20-822.95 dollar. Of Pioneer Futures advanced trade analyst Scott Meyers says, the golden week next defeat of one all are behaved because of the stock market driving. Silver-colored price rises 50 cent come every ounce 10.67 dollars, platinic price keeps balance at every ounce 987 dollars, palladium price rises 8 dollars, to every ounce 197 dollars.

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