Aluminous value is short-term after rebounding will still be issued to lower lev

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From " 11 " after long holiday ends, period Shanghai is aluminous in March puncture 15000 yuan / ton after production cost line, eve drops to for a time 13770 yuan / ton low, achieve the historical nadir that came in Feburary 2003, aluminous price of merchandise on hand yesterday although rise somewhat, but still maintain in 13580-13620 yuan / ton inside low interval. And be in reduction of output, relevant after the message that complementary makings depreciates comes out in succession, still analytic personage thinks, although be in hurried aluminous price is in after next defeat short-term inside have adamancy prop up, but aluminous city declining tendency ought not to, the price will still continue be issued to lower levels.

Complementary makings price is reduced related

The reporter understands, domestic share electroanalysises the fluorine of accessary raw material of aluminous enterprise changes aluminous value already by 10500 yuan / ton fall reach 8500 yuan / ton, ton electroanalysis fluorine of aluminous bad news melts aluminium 25 kilograms. Data of net of China business affairs shows, the amplitude modulation below the closest price amounts to 1000 yuan, fluorine of dry method of near future home market changes aluminous mainstream to clinch a deal the price is in 8600 yuan / or so tons, wet fluorine changes aluminous market to clinch a deal the price is in 8400 yuan / or so tons. The analysis thinks, aluminous price is low fan, it is inevitable that fluorine changes aluminous price to glide, and the price will still slow glide.

In addition, oil anxious price also from 3300 yuan of / ton fall to 2550 yuan of / ton. Oil is anxious it is production electroanalysises the main raw material of goods of aluminous carbon simple, every produce 1 ton of former aluminium to drain 50 kilograms of oil about anxious. Before this, aluminous company also is in in the official quoted price that reduced its alumina formally on October 7, from 3200 yuan / ton reduce 2900 yuan / ton.

And of producer goods price drop, it is good that benefit is not for aluminous to electroanalysising enterprise. Senior aluminous industry analyses personage Jing Xuelin to think, move low product price stage by stage as upriver bauxite enterprise and alumina enterprise, electroanalysis aluminous enterprise makes those who make cost reduce, will give electroanalysis aluminium drops to vacate a space further.

With content easy thing returns " all corners of the country "

More notable is, be stranded tensely by capital, very much aluminous look forward to has begun to cannot open an accept bill of exchange. "The company that uses ready money business in the market now is so little that the company that uses ready money business in the market now have pity on. " Chan Guibin of researcher of aluminous industry of network of China business affairs says, at present already the enterprise appeared not to leave to give the case of accept bill of exchange. Inside course of study rifer, old with thing easy other people trade means is appearing in aluminous industry. So called with thing easy other people, electroanalysis namely the aluminium certain amount with payment for goods of value prep above is aluminous ingot pays upriver alumina the company for evaluate, because trade,both sides has the demand that continues to produce operation, so upriver alumina also can be accepted only, undertake selling changing showing in the market by alumina enterprise again.
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