" ferroalloy exports a license explain receive condition and order " began to ca

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To promote export means of control of merchandise is reformed pilot, cooperate to carry out ferroalloy industry policy and proprietor of an enterprise of citric acid production to want contaminant to amount to mark to discharge a standard, strengthen and normative ferroalloy and citric acid (salt) the product exports management, department of Commerce was released on August 21 " export a license about citric acid, ferroalloy explain the announcement that understands a requirement " , be as follows with respect to concerned problem announcement:
One, rise from September 1, 2008, begin to carry out " ferroalloy exports a license explain receive condition and order " and " citric acid, citrate exports a license explain receive condition and order " .
2, the company that exports this announcement place to involve goods, basis " goods exports licence government measure " (Department of Commerce makes 2008 the 11st) and " exported catalog of licence management goods 2008 " (total office of Department of Commerce, customs 2007 the 101st announcement) concerned regulation, and according to afore-mentioned two explain receive condition and order, to seat provincial business affairs is in charge of a branch to present concerned application material. Be in charge of a branch about provincial business affairs on October 15, 2008 forward Department of Commerce (foreign trade manages) the newspaper sends formal application or recommend material (add company application material) , copy to chamber of commerce of 5 imports and exports of mine chemical industry.
3, examine and verify of classics Department of Commerce affirms have relevant commodity to export a license explain the company list that leads a condition will be on website of government of Department of Commerce give announce. Have relevant explain the export business that gets a requirement, to accredit of enterprise seat Department of Commerce provincial (city of only kind of province, municipality, municipality directly under the Central Government, plan and Xinjiang production build large unit) the orgnaization that send card explain get export license.
4, rise from January 1, 2009, " the announcement that general office of Department of Commerce concerns an issue about signing and issue citric acid and license of silicon ferromanganese export " (business does match [2008]2 date) stop to carry out at the same time.
5, Department of Commerce is in charge of this declared explanation.

Accessory: 1, ferroalloy and citric acid (salt) exit is permitted explain lead conditional administration list
2, " ferroalloy exports a license explain receive condition and order "
3, " exit of citric acid, citrate is permitted explain receive condition and order "

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