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Opening shortly of Beijing Olympic Games, membership should recognize the value that maintains the market to run stable, safety deeply, enhance overall situation consciousness, risk consciousness and responsibility consciousness. Fluctuate in view of price of commodity of foundation of home market of near future international relatively frequent, inaccuracy decides factor increase, for aggrandizement risk control, ensure smooth, safety runs the market during Beijing Olympic Games, inform as follows with respect to concerned matters concerned now:

One, the attention that wants aggrandizement market trends and pertinent information and analysis, maintain high vigilance to the risk of likelihood happening, perfect lash-up beforehand case.

2, carry out strictly trade regular system, fulfil each risk to control measure in the round, cogent strengthen trade bail management.

3, the maintenance that makes system of good technology, information seriously works, in the meantime, the security that should enhance business place is guarded, ensure person and belongings are safe.

4, the education that strengthens pair of investor further, remind investor basis prices varies to adjust the structure that maintain a warehouse in time, guide reason to run.

Two years on August 7
Report a duplicate to: Chinese card inspect is met general office, futures department.

Shanghai futures exchange on August 7, 2008 print and distribute

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