Shanghai copper 15 days early dish drop again stop

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Outside sufferring dish take situation effect, on October 15 price of Shanghai period copper considerably low leave, drop quickly subsequently stop.

Shanghai copper 0812 agreement with 41, 800 yuan / ton open quotation, continue all fronts drops stop, up to 10:20 when, close at 41, 720 yuan / ton, drop 1, 740 yuan / ton, pan Zhongcheng is handed in shrink quantity, amount to 3, 512 hands, the quantity that maintain a warehouse reduces 686 hands to 61, 472 hands. From dish in light of the face, 0812 contract price appears Shanghai copper again drop stop prices, be close to the near future new low, all the line continues to squelch period price, predict short-term inside period price will appear concussion to be down posture.

And current in light of the market, gain profit continuously the Shanghai copper nominal of a week, in 14 days rise in prices, did not abandon resistance completely apparently, still hit the price that press copper, and as a result of as demand abate, copper of essence of life will gradually superfluous, bear the price that press copper, predicting Shanghai copper appears very hard the circumstance of harden.

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