Rash card futures: Exciting Shanghai aluminium opens message of reduction of out

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One, before one trade day trades overview gets aluminous look forward to in succession the stimulation of message of reduction of output, shanghai aluminous futures 0812 agreement yesterday harden open quotation, concussion goes low, hold a storehouse to decrease in great quantities, end dish pick up somewhat. Eventually dish the newspaper closes at 14370 yuan / ton, rise 3.83% . Clinch a deal quantity relatively decrease considerably yesterday, the quantity that maintain a warehouse also decreases considerably.

2, Inc. of aluminous course of study of China of main area state weighs the near future, be in as a result of aluminous price low, may close partial high cost electroanalysis aluminium is produced can. Personage of Chinese alumina refinery expresses, the alumina that closing partial high cost is produced can, because of its the price falls to cost line the following. Afore-mentioned reduction of output may bring about China to cut pair of alumina raw material- - the entrance of bauxite. The Chinese aluminous smeltery that faces loss at present is considering to adopt reduction of output to act, the likelihood reduces main to refine aluminium raw material- - the demand of alumina. Chinese alumina spot price falls since this year adjacent 40% , reach every tons 2, 650 yuan, produce newly can bring about supply to increase considerably, the output that exceeded downstream product former aluminium grows. Be in China medium or small in the sound of a close down of refine aluminous factory, company of combination of course of study quickened Russia aluminium to march the pace of Chinese market. A few days ago, russian aluminium is presiding gold of lay mines of apparitor Alexander · (Alexander Bu Lygin) ever expressed, the company is in in investment amount of China prospective 5-10 will reach about 3 billion dollar inside year, we are considering to begin cooperative feasibility with Chinese enterprise, although at present we have not come to an agreement with any enterprises. Profit of net profit of before cloud aluminous share predicts 8 years 3 quarters decreases make an appointment with 50%-55% , as a result of,basically be product price considerably fall after a rise and the promotion of the cost that use phone. The company will pass project of deep treatment of construction aluminous material and alumina project to perfect industrial catenary, ground of utmost of in an attempt to digests the pressure that cost rises. JP Zhou Yi of analyst Michael Jansen weighs Morgan, average price makings will achieve aluminium of LME merchandise on hand 2009 every tons 2, 400 dollars, relatively 2008 future prices case -- consult please after article avoid duty state limited company of rash card futures studies every tons to develop a 2 metals to judge 2008-10-15 early 2, 715 dollars fall 12% , because stocks is high and supply superfluous 1.15 million tons. Anticipate global aluminous supply will increase 2009 8% , prep above 2008 the amplitude of 6% ; Global aluminous consumption will increase 2009 6% , with amplitude kept balance 2008. His complement says, if aluminous price glides,force refine factory, especially refine factory of China cuts output, aluminium supplies excess capacity the likelihood is lesser. A few days ago, company of aluminous estate of state-owned India nation (National Aluminium Co. ) an official shows, the main price that the company has reduced metallic aluminium 4, 500 India rupee. This official still says, reduce aluminous price to basically agree to maintain with international price. The price after reducing has begun go into effect from October 7. Association of Indian aluminous trade expressed a few days ago, because the whole world is major,automobile industry tycoon all has business in India, predict hopeful of Indian aluminous consumption reverses times growth before 2010, reach continuance 2020. K S S Murthy of this association secretary-general expresses in statement, at present increase rate is Indian aluminous industry 7.1% , and was a few years only in the past 3% ; In view of prospective automobile industry more mature, the demand of aluminium alloy and other component also will increase further. The 5 data that publish show American Department of Commerce last week, raw in August aluminium exports the United States relatively on the month glides 21.1% , relatively the corresponding period glided last year 6.3% . Respect of merchandise on hand, can express below reference. The market is top on October 14 lowest all price rises drop south Guangdong of 14160 14120 14140 520 of spot market of Shanghai of 14200 14160 14180 580 of spot market of the Yangtse River store 14250 14150 14200 500 99.7% of spot market of coloured of Nanhai of market 14150 14050 14100 550 China connect spot market 14160 14120 14140 560 Huadonghuana aluminous quote 14200 14200 14200 consults please in southwest after article avoid duty statement
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