Rash card futures: Turn over dragoon force to show period copper to cut down go

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One, solid honest radical capital belongs to dish of Zhou Erlun that sow a newspaper closing quotation rises, LME March copper dish first rocket but be in later gain profit dish dozen press next cutting down to go up, sign up for line receiving back in a few days, in a few days highest on measure 5611 dollars, close at 5285, relatively go up to trade sun rises 115 dollars. Suffer Zhou Yilun copper to go up greatly drive, after Zhou Erhu copper leaves high, rush quickly tall touch harden, but the market was not defended go up, hit actively in nominal pressure below, period price shows concussion to take small state. Brunt 812 agreement open quotation 43050, highest 44190, lowest 42620, end dish close at 43150, relatively go up to trade day drops 1460 a little bit. Round-the-clock clinch a deal active, clinch a deal in all 181912 hands, brunt capital begins to move Cang Yuanyue, 812 contract day decreases a storehouse 6012 hands, 901 contract day adds a storehouse 19164 hands.

2, prices contributing factor analyses macroscopical economy respect, government of Zhou Yifa, heart, Spain, Holand, Austria rolled out a bank to deliver a plan. According to the plan, french government will roll out the financing plan of a 360 billion euro, aim to deliver the bank system of this country; German government assures the loan that provides 500 billion euro at most and capital, this is the most large-scale market intervention activity that since 1989 German government takes. The plan is delivered in each country before, the influence of financial crisis tends temporarily alleviate, the stock market and commodity price begin to exceed after dropping rebound. But careful to saving city to plan to remind everybody look upon, its still are put in uncertainty as a result, and as a so severe crisis, its will be far-reaching to the influence of the market with what last, at present the market can be defined only after dropping to exceed rebound. On London market, this week just meets LME week, below the drive that announces the plan that help city on the weekend in government and Central Bank, commodity market slow down drop situation, in the begining person energy of life presents LME week the front. At the same time the message of stop production of Chile copper mine also supported the price on certain level. However on main area, the addition of inventory still is the biggest secret worry, inventory of Zhou Erlun copper increases 2475 tons again, total reserve achieves 211800 tons Gao Shuiping. Below the anticipation that puts delay in global economy, later period of makings copper price to upward pressure heavily. Consult please after article avoid duty state 2 metals criticize department of product of banking of limited company of rash card futures early 2008-10-15 home side, chinese custom announces data to show, the copper that did not forging in September 2008 and cupreous material entrance are 213782 tons; 1-9 month entrance is 1902170 tons, decrease compared to the same period 10.6% . , demand of copper of data indication home is shown glide posture. On spot market, quote of Shanghai merchandise on hand is in 44600 - 44900 yuan / ton, relatively yesterday daily goes up 3400 yuan / ton, agio 200 to smooth water. On the technology, human relations copper has correction need after dropping considerably, the 5600 obstruction that Zhou Er checks our Zhou Yi to had said up hind fall after a rise, show this resistance stronger resistance, short line continues to pay close attention to this obstruction. From Shanghai copper dish in go in light of situation, the market still is in nominal condition in.
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