LME (zinc) city microcosmic feature is graphic: Passivity drops, maintain concus

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Point Feature of micromechanism of LME zinc market Main economy system is noted to the bank endowment carry brace up your price has hope a bit look forward to is firm, last to the worry of economic foreground, make wait-and-see mood full-bodied, rise suffocate suffocate. Lun Xin behaves passivity, suffer worry to hit pressure, the price falls defeat again, compare other metal, prop up weaker. Cash/3M agio is close 40 dollars, inventory perch, not any help litre of sign, suffer other market and message effect, the meeting inside near future of human relations zinc continues be in 1400, 1500 between fluctuant. Graph 1: Merchandise on hand / 27 months long-dated curveNote: Long-dated curve is LME zinc merchandise on hand the price of the each month agreement to 27 months is linked together earning. Close month lies between lunar agio to change not quite. Graph 2: Merchandise on hand / 27 months are lain between the month rises agio Note: Each months of agreement all is this month the agreement that the 3rd Zhou San expires. Change of tertian recently agio is not big Graph 3: Merchandise on hand / in March period tertian litre of agio and section are held the storehouse is measured Note 1: Section maintains a warehouse data fact requesting an audience amounts to metallic morning paper. Because LME releases the time of data to differ, the data that maintain a warehouse relatively the price, clinch a deal quantity and reserve data lag a day. Note 2: This graph applies to much air to move when the storehouse causes litre of agio to have bigger change (for example, bull moves actively the storehouse brings about price difference to narrow, nominal moves actively the storehouse brings about price difference to expand) . Maintain a warehouse 231467 hands, reduce 3503 hands, clinch a deal 63647 hands, raise 6926 hands. Graph 4: The quantity that maintain a warehouse with the price Inventory 165650 tons, reduce 300 tons, cancel a storehouse odd 5075 tons, increase 125 tons, cancel a storehouse odd / inventory comparing is 2.98% .
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