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Point Feature of micromechanism of LME copper market Period copper suffers Zhou Er LME multilateral government is noted to the bank endowment enhance market confidence to make most be as high as 10% go up, but hind city still gets of economic can care affect and efface goes up not less, go up hatching particularly apparent. 2008 financial year budget deficit of American are cruel add to 4 record-breaking, 55 billion dollar, the whole world puts delay to buy sheet in what be American economy, same also be a burden on the development of global economy. Basic metal is to belong to grow seasonal goods, with global economy be closely bound up, economy is so fatigued and weak also bring about human relations copper to rebound suffocate suffocate. Market of close date copper turns for long-dated premium, show the reserve increase impact to close month agreement is big, bring about the premium that separate a month to turn for agio. But premium of merchandise on hand is fluctuant not quite, from inside cancelling the idea that sheet raises the storehouse ceaselessly, the author figures spot market just imports the influence of grow in quantity because of China, sale of supply of goods is better still. Graph 1: Merchandise on hand / 27 months long-dated curve Note: Long-dated curve is merchandise on hand of human relations copper the price of the each month agreement to 27 months is linked together earning. Far month agreement lies between a month to rise agio to glide apparent, the pressure that shows spot market is very heavy, on the other hand inventory increases considerably, right March period copper price bear pressure, rise agio to glide considerably. Graph 2: Merchandise on hand / 27 months are lain between the month rises agio Note: Each months of agreement all is this month the agreement that the 3rd Zhou San expires. Far day agreement maintains a warehouse the quantity increases, agreement decreased a storehouse recently. Graph 3: Merchandise on hand / March period tertian litre of agio and section are held the storehouse is measured Note 1: Section maintains a warehouse data fact requesting an audience amounts to metallic morning paper. Because LME releases the time of data to differ, the data that maintain a warehouse relatively the price, clinch a deal quantity and reserve data lag a day. Note 2: This graph applies to much air to move when the storehouse causes litre of agio to have bigger change (for example, bull moves actively the storehouse brings about price difference to narrow, nominal moves actively the storehouse brings about price difference to expand) .
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