Basic metal is long-term price makings rises, suffer industry to produce cost to

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The road appears London on October 14 report---The road investigates Zhouer to show fully, what pair of industrial metal prices move on metallic analyst is long-term beforehand appraise, the cost that because a lot of analysts think,industry faces rises the trend will be abiding.

Show to the investigation of 14 analysts, makings of aluminous long-term and average price is every tons 2, 745 dollars are controlled, and last year October beforehand appraise is 2, 160 dollars.

The cupreous price that did not come 10 years beforehand appraise median is every tons 4, 409 dollars, also prep above last year in October beforehand 3 of appraise, 310 dollars.

Long-term price also calls incentive sex value normally, with a view to did not come 10 years or longer period, be regarded as to want to ensure future is produced can grow rate can get used to demand dilate, and needs price level.

The analyst says, when MCU3 of early days copper the newspaper makes an appointment with every tons 5, 500 dollars, business of most copper mine still can gain profit on this price. Average production cost of copper predicts interpose at 3, 000-3, 500 dollars.

Still be propped up up to price of basic in July metal, the influence that because the market anticipates China, countervail to copper and aluminous demand Euramerican demand glides.

But drop in temperature as Chinese industry activity, and global banking crisis is deepened, defeat of commodity price all fronts drops, basic metal encounters heavy defeat.

A lot of people believe, china, India and other the industrialization of a lot of burgeoning countries and city change a course can temporary rein in, but eventually won't cease.

To lead, nickel, stannum and zinc long-term all valence beforehand appraise is respectively 1, 200, 16, 250, 12, 500 with 1, 800 dollars. (Be over)

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