Always install futures: Gold is judged early (1015)

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Gold is short-term and likely accessible, because the United States saves a plan to show the policymaker has crisis of determination correspondence credit, jeffrey Nichols of director of director of AmericanPrecious Metals Advisors says.

Period gold Zhou Er goes exhausted, because the stock market is more charming after Zhou Yi goes up greatly, but gold is long-term and due prop up, be in because of global economy decline brim, dealer of broker of one precious metal says. New York on October 14 message, exchange of futures of new York commodity (Zhou Er of COMEX) period gold closes low, because Zhou Er of American Ministry of finance is announced,to the United States with stricken equipment each bank is noted endowment 2, the plan of 50 billion dollar, cut down gold to have avoid the appeal of danger value, a week before confidence of a week consumer compares the United States recently drops considerably, the market is hit to the worry of economic depression press the stock market to drop. Crude price drops because of worry of global economic depression even more 3% , index of CRB of heavy goods of be a burden on glides. The market is helping the executive result of city plan in wait-and-see whole world, short-term concussion trims predicting gold price, the proposal is wait-and-see give priority to.

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