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Shanghai zinc

Outside dish comment:

Respect of domestic spot market, coloured of the Yangtse River quotes 11650 ~ 11750 yuan / ton, rise on average 350 yuan / ton. Shanghai spot market quotes 11600 ~ 11700 yuan / ton, rise on average 350 yuan / ton. Guangdong spot market quotes 11300 ~ 11600 yuan / ton, rise on average 200 yuan / ton. China connect spot market to quote 11650 ~ 11750 yuan / ton, rise on average 350 yuan / ton.

  is current apparent faith is not worth market investor, clinch a deal in a few days gigantic cut, the main area of supply exceeds demand decided short-term inside have hard rebound considerably, pay close attention to global money market and economic situation. The city after Shanghai zinc looking on technical area or concussion find a ground, later period pays close attention to 5 days all the line reachs 12000 integer whether to form dozen pressure, although show weak sign,make bodily form outward appearance at present, but existence rebounds certainly risk.

Early dish comment:

Shanghai zinc leaves high now yesterday low go, small close go up, 0812 contract close at 11840 yuan / ton, rise 180 a little bit or 1.54% , clinch a deal considerably shrink, relatively go up day of 224782 hands are cruel reduce 140 thousand hand, indication market wait-and-see mood is here thicker, and in October complete a business transaction of agreement drawing near, have gradually move storehouse, attention brunt agreement while still need to pay close attention to 901 agreement. Empty sheet of proposal early days meets low can gain profit finish, meet low light storehouse is bought, short line operation is advisable.

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