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Shanghai copper

Outside dish comment:

  London on October 14 message, london metal bourse (Zhou Er of LME) period copper jumps go up about 10% , because multilateral government is noted to the bank endowment be welcomed by the market, but cupreous price later efface goes up, because be opposite,the worry of long-term prospect deepens global economy. Your opinion of copper of 3 lunar period 5, the perch of 615 dollars, drop later, receive a reply 5, 298/5, 300 dollars, still prep above week signs up for 5, 115 dollars. Brunt agreement 0812 with 43050 yuan of open quotation, pull for a time to harden, press because of casting after very heavy, concussion be issued to lower levels, eventually dish receive a reply 43150 yuan, go up amount to 3.50% .

Zhou Er of American Ministry of finance was announced to the United States with stricken equipment each bank is noted endowment 2, the plan of 50 billion dollar, help economy in order to repel a likelihood sloughy credit crisis, follow the similar arrange of European Zhou Yi is lifted, carry brace up market confidence. Inventory of copper of Zhou Er LME increased 2475 tons, total reserve increases to 212 thousand tons, the trend that stock rises did not produce change, anticipate can continue. Premium of cupreous merchandise on hand continues to maintain perch yesterday, be in the standard that 80 dollars control, the rise of cupreous inventory has not had what effect, rise as inventory further nevertheless, premium of merchandise on hand can drop finally. Although each country government publishs a series of exciting economy in succession, carry brace up the policy helping city of confidence, but short-term the influence that will look basically is psychological level, after hypostatic economy is sufferring certain effect, global the sources of energy and demand of industrial product consumption exceed now inevitably to slip.

Early dish comment:

Drop continuously in the end after stopping, predicting copper price will be faced with short-term concussion, outer dish the market helps city result still below not clear case, nightly wave motion is bigger. Long-term sky sheet can continue in hold, and risk preference person but proper short line trades, the person that the risk is detested but temporarily wait-and-see, search an opportunity to meet again do high empty! The attention stops caustic!

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