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[MarketWatch san Francisco on October 7 message] Beijing time Zhou San (8 days) before dawn, aluminous estate magnate: Company of American aluminous estate (AA) announces, the gain of season of the 3rd money of firm past 268 million dollar, close every 33 cent, apparent under the gain a year ago 555 million dollar, close the level of every 63 cent. Go up the gain that the gain of year of the corresponding period included to sell brushstroke asset, and the gain of season of firm past money was trapped the agreement that reduction of output of factory of a fusion brings about combines heart administrative division the defray after the duty of every 4 cent. Entire season battalion closes fall to 7.23 billion dollar, under the 7.39 billion dollar a year ago.

The market analyst that accepts FactSet Research investigation anticipates on average: Beautiful aluminium the 3rd season every gain 54 cent, sale will amount to 7.27 billion dollar. Beautiful aluminium releases early-warning to say, the abidance of aluminous price drops, the gain that demand atrophy and the growth that throw cost squelch further ground the company did not come.

convention of 2 US stocks trades in, the beautiful aluminous share that pays place to appear on the market in new York card drops 1.4 dollars, close at 16.71 dollars, drop for 7.73% .

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