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Report according to 21 centuries economy on October 7 message on October 1, tycoon of Australian mining industry needs and need develop buys the traded to obtain materiality eventually progress of company of competitor force develop. Australia superintended a branch to had been approved independently need and need of develop company buy a plan, allow what latter completes pair of force develop companies with the day price of 101 billion dollar to buy.

ACCC(Australia competition and consumer committee) express in a statement that published on October 1: "Because this picket trades,caused the wide attention of Australian home and overseas investor, ACCC needs to be being mixed surely of develop bought a plan to undertake careful examine and verify. We think, this picket trades and can not bring about the happening of unfair competition in any markets, it will not produce the effect of any materiality to global mining industry. It will not produce the effect of any materiality to global mining industry..

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ACCC spokesman Jin Enright expresses to our newspaper: "Australian competition and consumer committee are an independent orgnaization, do not represent governmental opinion. Do not represent governmental opinion..

Nevertheless Jin Enright says, "Before ACCC is making a decision, had consulted a lot of companies, include related company, ' competitor ' , iron ore is downstream the enterprise, undertook extensive opinion is collected. Undertook extensive opinion is collected..

If be mixed surely,need of develop buy plan success, will bring about this company probably to be opposite the forestall of market of global mining industry, accordingly, the steely manufacturer of Europe and Asia objects need and needing to the utmost of develop company buy a plan.

Public data shows, if both sides reachs amalgamative agreement, the company that establishs so newly will have the whole world the iron ore resource of 1/3, and with one action surpasses company of river valley of Brazilian fresh water, become the iron ore supplier with the biggest whole world.

To this, zhang Xiaogang of president of steel of chairman of association of Chinese iron and steel industry, saddle expresses, mining industry enterprise needs and need develop and force develop incorporate, competing to the whole world will be " terrible " , antitrust superintendency orgnaization should give overrule. Chinese the State Council and countrywide National People's Congress are advanced and advisory Wang Xiaoye also expresses in Melbourne on the weekend, should buy case general influence to harm Chinese interest, chinese antitrust orgnaization should be examined.

It is reported, association of international iron and steel (IISI) ever expressed, two develop are amalgamative will create materiality monopoly, appeal orgnaization of European Union antitrust checks this one likely amalgamative case.

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