Wu Ci fastens Kesitan to undertake international invite public bidding to tungst

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According to the INGICHKI tungsten mineral products with exclusive churchyard of black of message of Department of Commerce the ground is located in city of rarely of Sa horse Er, began mining 1941, go low as a result of price of international market tungsten since 1996, mining area is shut.

Arrive before October 20, 2008, black government extracts to restoring to build INGICHKI tungsten mine the project undertakes international invite public bidding. The foreign investor that win the bid needs to invest 40 million dollar at least, achieve 300 thousand tons with the tungsten ore productivity after rehabilitate / year. Black government desire with foreign establish a joint ventures. Afore-mentioned project black just carry out an unit to be " Wu Ci does not overcome Gao Rong and hot strong metal " joint venture (tower assorted does a state, city of gram of agree Er agree - А of Т of Е of М of Х of Ы of Н of Ч of О of Р of П of О of Р of А of Ж of И of Х of И of К of В of А of Л of П of О of Г of У of Т of Т of А of Н of И of Б of М of О of К of Й of И of К of С of К of Е of Б of З of У of О А О , "М of Ж of Т of У з К " , К of И of Ч of Ч И Р , ) of Ь of Т of С of А of Л of Б of О of Я of А of К of Т of Н of Е of К of Т А Ш . This enterprise held water 1956, it is war industry enterprise formerly, because of black the government shuts INGICHKI mining area and raw material is in short supply, be forced to turn to be machined for supplied materials since 1996, output falls all the time and announced to go bankrupt 2003. At the beginning of 2006, black government formulate 2007-2013 year tungsten course of study restores compendium, plan to make bring the dying back to life of business of М of Ж of Т of У з К , restore to be produced entirely can, make to 2013 tungsten crop achieves 2690 tons. By 2007, joint ventures INGICHKI METALLS establishs black Russia, black square (accept designing institute of synthesis of Wo Yiye gold, UZGEOTEHLITI) occupy 49% , presently square (American INTEGRA group is in Russia branch) occupy 51% , begin to machine tungsten concentrate.

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