China says to need and need develop buys force develop will adverse to Asian eco

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According to Australian daily " The Age " reported on October 6: An advanced and advisory warning weighs Chinese government, tycoon of global mining industry needs and need develop (BHP Billiton Ltd. ) denounce endowment 1, 32 billion bay yuan buy force develop Inc. (of Rio Tinto PLC) trade will go against China, also be inequitable to global economy.

A senior adviser urges Chinese the State Council and National People's Congress European superintendency orgnaization overrules afore-mentioned draw up to be bought mediumly trade, because he thinks to should be bought,trade will produce an effect to system of all Asia economy, body depends on these economy badly to have steely production through iron ore entrance.

He expresses in Melbourne law courtyard on the weekend, buy this will produce very adverse effect to China.

On October 1, australian fairness competition superintends a branch to announce to approval needs and need develop buys the plan of force develop. According to need and needing personage of develop high level discloses, need at present and need develop still is in relevant buy do with Chinese Department of Commerce be communicated further and advance. The personage inside course of study thinks, bay governmental this action raised the mining industry with economic the most wholesale to this world group to buy the success of the case to anticipate.

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