Magnate of Russia aluminous estate is adjusted abroad appear on the market pace

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Presiding apparitor expresses: Possibility of Hong Kong IPO is large, hope Chinese investor is participated in
According to magnate of aluminous trade of world of message of daily of the first finance and economics -- Russia aluminous course of study combines a company (next weighing " Russian aluminium is combined " ) appear on the market process progressively and Anacreontic. Because suffer the effect with current turbulent money market, russian aluminium combines appear on the market plan the latest likelihood defer comes 2010, specific appear on the market time and appear on the market ground name a person for a particular job is decided again after the case is next year clear first quarter. This is Russian aluminium combines gold of lay mines of · of presiding apparitor Alexander to those who divulge is in a few days ago on the news media news briefing that Moscow holds.

IPO goes to Hong Kong from London

There is media to say before this, russian aluminium will appear on the market this year jointly, at the same time the consideration will be issued publicly first (IPO) the place transfers Hong Kong from London.

Russian aluminium is the world's greatest aluminium and alumina production business jointly. According to the statistical data 2007, russian aluminium electroanalysises jointly the 12 % that aluminous crop holds whole world total output, alumina occupies the 15 % of global total output. March 2007 by before the whole world company of estate of Russia aluminium of company of the 3rd big aluminous estate, whole world Ural of Siberia of company of the 10th big aluminous estate is aluminous estate company and Switzerland fine can the alumina asset of the company incorporates and can become, in 5 continent 19 countries employ many 100 thousand employee.

Lay mines gold shows, inspecting different market to have the possibility of IPO at present, include Hong Kong, London, new York, Paris to wait among them, the place of specific IPO can be in 2009 end makes a decision first quarter. If the situation of next year money market still did not take a favourable turn, will consider remit to 2010.

To the dimensions of IPO, lay mines gold thinks to will depend on the financing circumstance when appearing on the market, issue 10 % ~ publicly according to the requirement of different bourse at the same time the portion of 20 % , and before appear on the market, will the share that to 5 ~ 7 strategies investor sells 2 % of 1 % ~ . He emphasizes particularly, strategic investor can be a person of the same trade not just, also can be the financial orgnaization such as insurance company, the hope introduces those who represent disparate industry is all-around strategic investor.
Because Chinese economy grows quickly, russian aluminium takes the collaboration with Chinese respect seriously very much jointly, this kind of collaboration also is mirrorred in include capital market inside each respects. Lay mines gold shows, the partner that be like China and Russia is ideal is same, the respect waits in project of aluminous product of research and development, collaboration, "Russian aluminium compares force develop to in aluminium is more charming " . Before this in aluminium announces together beautiful aluminium buys force develop the equity of 12 % , lay mines gold thinks, the biggest demand that China is metal and mine product person, chinese company contacts group of metallurgy of the large mining industry that cross a state all the time in the attempt through buying a share, if Chinese company hold the stock of those companies that will sell oneself product toward China, mean, chinese partner will get profit through this behavior.
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