Wei red tower plans to invest 9.8 billion dollar to the world the 5th big alumin

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According to integrated dispatches from foreign news agency company of resources of tower of message Wei red planned to invest 9.8 billion dollar to devote oneself to to become the 5th big aluminium of world to produce business on September 26.

Wei red tower says up to to 2012 smeltery is produced can will expand to 2.6 million metric ton / year, and the company plans in India state builds Aolisa aluminous factory and power station, in the meantime, wei red tower expresses to will undertake extend to having refinery.

Wei red tower states industry of prospective Asia beverage and plane make an industry will rise continuously to the demand of light metal. Additional German bank, spend banner bank to wait to also predict prospective aluminous demand will exceed its supply.

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