The generalist in metallic kingdom -- tantalum

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Metallic Tantalum (Ta) it is a kind of grayish metal that shows blue slightly, because have a lot of bizarre character, having extensive applied field, accordingly, be known as " the metal is regnal " generalist.
Falling under the condition of 150 ℃ , tantalum is one of metals with the stablest chemistry. The has the fluorine, hydrofluoric acid, ion that contain fluorine only acidity solution that can have reaction with tantalum and 3 oxidation sulfur.
The quality of a material of tantalum is very solid, hardness can achieve 6-6.5. Its melting point is as high as 2996 ℃ , be next to tungsten and rhenium, rank 3. Tantalum is rich extend a gender, can pull filament or make Bao Bo. Its heat up coefficient of expansion very small, every lift one Celsius can expand only 6.6/1000000. Besides, its tenacity is very strong, even more exceedingly good than copper.
In making the equipment that takes all sorts of inorganic sick at heart, tantalum is usable will replace stainless steel, life can raise a few times than stainless steel. In addition, be in chemical industry, electron, electric in waiting for industry, tantalum can replace the past to need the job that assumes by precious metal platinum, make what need charge to be reduced greatly. Tantalum place has some character, make tantalum is in the domain such as alloy of capacitor, high temperature, chemical industry and nuclear energy industry, medicine has very wide application perspective.

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