The softest metal -- lead

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Lead, hoar metal, it is the mankind abstracts one of metals that come out earlier, refine lead art and refine copper art roughly only then at same history period. Lead is the softest precious metal, also be one of metals with large proportion, malleability is good, make alloy easily with other metal. Lead forms oxidation lead film in oxidation of the surface in air. In the air that contains carbon dioxide damply, build lead of alkaline type carbonic acid. These resultant can prevent plumbic continuity combustion. Lead is metalloid, can form plumbic acerbity salt.
Lead is used extensively at making plumbic alloy. Plumbic alloy is used at making accumulator plate, plumbic canal and leading use as anticorrosive material.
Lead also has its adverse one side to life production of the mankind. In last few years the public basically cares petroleum products to contain plumbic question. The biggest deepness is the acceptability lead in tap water 0.05 milligram / litre, can cause an effect to human body health more than. Plumbic container should be not used to fill food, beverage in the life, with respect to the harm that can avoid lead. We should improve the knowledge to lead, let lead serve for human life, production better.

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