Important strategic metal -- cobaltic

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Cobaltic (Co) is metal of silvery white ferromagnetism, there is weak La Guangze after exterior polish.
Bulante made Swedish chemist 1735 a metal is cobaltic. Swedish chemist Bai Geman decided cobalt is an element 1780. Long-term since cobaltic mineral or cobaltic compound uses as all the time the frit of pottery and porcelain, glass, enamel. To 20 centuries, cobalt and its alloy are mixed in electric machinery, mechanical, chemical industry, aviation the industrial department such as spaceflight receives wide application, make a kind of important strategy metal, consumption year after year increases. China begins to be mixed from cobaltic land mine, nickel mine at 50 time cobalt is carried in the pyrite that contain cobalt.
With the nature of compound consist in of arsenic, oxygen and sulfur, be like: Cobaltite [Cobaltine (CoAsS) ] with Linneite (Co3S4) .
Use at hard alloy, magnet, pottery and porcelain and special glass, also be used at permanent magnet and razor make, cobaltic - the 60 radiative treatment that use cancer.
Condition: Hard silvery white transfers metal.
Melting point (℃ ) : 1495 boiling point (℃ ) : 2870 density (G/cc, 300K) : 8.9
Specific heat / J/gK: 0.42 evaporate are calorific / KJ/mol: 376.5 fused heat / KJ/mol: 16.19
Conductivity / 106/cm: W/cmK of / of 0.172 coefficient of thermal conductivity: 1

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