The metal with the strongest diamagnetism -- bismuth

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Bismuth (metal of red of Bi) grey whitening, in times of Greek, Rome people uses bismuth, just do not regard them an element, consider as lead, stannum, silver-colored, antimony to wait by accident for a long time.
Bismuth sex is fragile, be full of burnish. Bismuth is in caky when bulk increases, expand rate for 3.3% . Bismuth is the metal with the strongest diamagnetism, below magnetic field action resistor rate increases and thermal conductance is reduced. Outside dividing mercury, bismuth is the metal of thermal conductance lowest. Bismuth and its alloy have pyroelectricity effect. Bismuth basically exploits a mine with the metal use at making up fusible alloy, melting point limits is 47 ℃ - 262 ℃ , the most commonly used is bismuth is the same as the metal such as lead, stannum, antimonial, indium to comprise alloy, bismuth alloy has the characteristic with not contractive condensation.
Bismuth still is the main member of superconductive material, at present the demand of superconductive to bismuth department high temperature material increases increasingly.
Bismuth can be used at medicine with the configuration of compound.

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