The metal with highest melting point -- tungsten

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Tungsten (W) is the metal with highest melting point, in 2000 ℃ - below 2500 ℃ high temperature, vapour is pressed still very low. The hardness of tungsten is big, density is high, high temperature strength is good.
Tungsten is used the earliest at making incandescent lamp silk, and the ferrotungsten that tungsten uses at producing hard metal for the most part. Tungsten and alloy of heat-resisting of chromic, molybdenum, cobaltic composition are used at making sclerosis of layer of surface of cutting tool, metal material, impeller blade burning gas piece wait with combustion canal. The alloy of compositive difficult frit such as tungsten and Tantalum, niobium, molybdenum. Tungsten copper and tungsten silver-colored alloy use as electroanalysis contact material. The tungsten nickel alloy of high density uses as defend radiation-proofly screen. The silk of metallic tungsten, club, piece the electrode that waits for the part that is used at making bulb, valve and arc welding. Tungsten pink wants to be able to burn the filter that forms all sorts of porosity. A few compound of tungsten can make fluorescent agent, painty, dye, use at tan change and fabric of the fire prevention that make to wait.
Tungsten price is more expensive, rise in producing a course reclaim leading also is a serious problem.

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