Replace mercuric new-style thermometer with rare metal

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Mercury is a kind of extremely harmful to human body material, the thermometer that at present home uses normally still is mercuric thermometer, year normal use wastage is 80 million, to prevent mercuric pollution, the country stipulates the mercuric thermometer that has used into batch wants to deal with technically. At present European Union organization and United States already listed mercuric thermometer exits the schedule of the market, our country also has begun to try to restrict to mercuric thermometer production.

Not long ago, east development of company of appliance of A Hua of subordinate of Inc. of A donkey-hide gelatin does not have mercuric thermometer successfully. Company of A China appliance is the whole nation the biggest thermometer produces manufacturer, the thermometer do not have mercury that develops a success this replaces mercury to make feeling lukewarm medium with a variety of rare metal, the accuracy that checks temperature and stability contain mercuric thermometer a bit to be not decreased than what use normally at present, and do not have pollution to environment and human body.
It is reported, this product already owned patent, each preparation before the put into production such as the construction that having product line nervously now works.

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