The craft of 3 kinds of smelt of stainless steel

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The smelt of the stainless steel on preexistence bound has 3 kinds of methods, namely one footwork, 2 footwork, 3 footwork.

One footwork: Namely electric stove stainless steel of one pace smelt. Because one footwork is slashing to raw material requirement (need to return stainless steel to abandon ferrochrome of steel, low carbon and metallic chromium) , medium of the raw material in production, the sources of energy is used up tall, cost is high, smelt cycle is long, productivity is low, product breed is little, quality is poor, lining life is brief, fireproof material is used up tall, because this uses this method rarely at present,produce stainless steel.

2 footwork were mixed 1965 1968, VOD and AOD fine unit emerge in succession, they change to what stainless steel manufactures technology had conclusive effect. Former it is vacuum blows oxygen decarbonization, latter is with argon gas and nitrogen carrier gas system comes decarbonization. establishment of these two kinds of fine any one kind closes suitably with electric stove, this manufactures technology with respect to the 2 footwork that formed stainless steel.

The stainless steel of the compatible plant that uses electric stove and craft of VOD2 footwork steel-making to suit miniature much variety quite is produced.

The technology of 2 footwork steel-making that uses electric stove and AOD produces stainless steel to have following advantages:

1, AOD production technology is inferior to raw material requirement, electric stove tapping contains C to be able to be amounted to 2% the left and right sides, because this can use cheap tall carbon FeCr and the stainless steel useless steel of 20% serve as raw material, reduced operation cost.

2, AOD law is OK one pace holds the carbon in molten steel in the palm 0.08% , if extend smelt time, increase Ar amount, still can talk about molten steel mediumly further 0.03% the following, except exceed low carbon. Outside exceeding low nitrogen stainless steel, the breed of 95% can be produced.

3, stainless steel production is periodic and opposite VOD is shorter, flexibility is better.

4, manufacturing system equipment always invests relatively VOD is expensive, but less than 3 footwork.

5, AOD furnace produces one pace to become steel, personnel is little, device is little, integrated cost is so inferior.

6, AOD can be used contain the Chu Lian molten steel under C1.5% to be able to use FeCr of low tall carbon, FeNi40 and the carbolic steel of 35% to abandon steel to have burden accordingly, raw material cost is inferior.

Its defect is:

1, lining service life is brief;

2, reductive ferrosilicon is used up big;

3, still cannot produce at present super- low C, exceed low nitrogen, stainless steel, and tolerance is contained in steel taller;
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