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1, limits
This standard set grain orientaton, without orientaton magnetism metal strip (piece) character of character of brand, magnetism, dimension, appearance, mechanical function, craft and law of check proved recipe. This standard applies to what use in magnetic circuit structure, the orientaton of complete craft cold rolling that contains insulation coating and without orientaton magnetism metal strip (piece) .

2, cite standard
The clause that following standard contains, through citing in this standard compose makes the clause of this standard. When the standard is published, what show version to all be effective. All standards can edit, use this standard and each to just should be discussed use following level the possibility of newest version.

Method of GB/T228-87 metal tensile test
Method of experiment of GB/T235-88 metal reverse bending (ply is equal to or be less than 3mm thin plate and strip)
GB/T247-87 armor plate and metal strip are checked and accept, pack, the general provision of mark and quality certificate
GB/T2522-88 electric steel piece (belt) the resistor between the layer, coating is adherent gender, fold outfit coefficient to check a method
GB/T3076-82 metal thin plate (take) tensile test method
GB/T3655-92 electric steel piece (take) magnetism, report and physical function measurement technique
Sample of GB/T6397-86 metal tensile test
GB/T13789-92 is odd an electric steel piece (take) magnetism function measurement technique

3, definition and brand represent a means

3.1 definitions

3.1.1 standards compare total iron caustic

Press sine rule to change along with time when magnetic induction intensity, its peak value is some calibration value, when metabolic frequency is some demarcate frequency, the core of unit quality in temperature all using up power when 20 ℃ is a standard to compare total iron caustic surely (caustic of abbreviation standard iron or iron caustic) , the unit is W/kg

Intensity of 3.1.2 standards magnetic induction

Temperature is 20 ℃ , core sample from demagnetization condition, change by sine rule in intensity of the magnetic induction below demarcate frequency, when the peak value that communicates magnetic field reachs some calibration value, the peak value that core sample magnetism feels is intensity of standard magnetism feeling (intensity of abbreviation magnetic induction or magnetism feeling) , the unit is T

3.1.3 curve a frequency

Curving a frequency is the frequency of the reverse bending before observing crackle appears for the first time on base metal with naked eye, it represented material extend a gender.

3.2 brands represent a means

4, classification

The magnetic metal strip in this standard (piece) cent is mixed for orientaton without orientaton two kinds big, every kinds of nominal ply that presses caustic of the biggest iron and material is divided into different name.
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