Japanese scrap iron and steel classifies a standard

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1.Scope of application: This standard is used with all scrap iron and useless steel.
2.Scrap iron:
2.1 utility scrap iron can be divided according to its utility cardinal principle be used for fusion and miscellaneous with.
2.2 phyletic fusion use scrap iron according to its quality and appearance cent are the following kinds:
A is planted advanced scrap iron (machinery or tool) .
B is planted common scrap iron (the scrap iron of comb with a double-edged fine-toothed comb of boiler, boiler, furnace and other such) .
Armour kind the weight of every scrap iron is under 20kg.
Second kind cut through broken, frit wait for methodological easy treatment to become shell kind scrap iron.
Third kind iron cuts bits (iron cuts bits, not interfuse impurity) , third kind scrap iron is ungraded.
2.3 miscellaneous do not divide sort with scrap iron.
3.Abandon steel:
Its utility can divide basis of 3.1 utility useless steel to be used for fusion, again rolling is used reach miscellaneous with.
3.2 fusion use the sort of useless steel, fusion is mixed according to its quality with useless steel form, can divide it is the following kinds:
A is planted carbon steel abandons steel.
B is planted low copper carbon steel abandons steel (Cu:0.20% is the following) .
C plants carbon steel of low phosphor, low sulfur, low copper abandons steel (P: 0.025% the following, s: 0.025% the following, cu: 0.15% the following) .
D is planted alloy steel abandons steel.
E is planted miscellaneous with useless steel.
Armour kind
Special 1: Ply 6mm above, length 600mm is the following, width or high 400mm are the following, weight 600kg is the following.
Special 2: Ply 3 ~ 6mm, length 600mm is the following, width or high 400mm are the following.
1: Ply 6mm above, length 1200mm is the following, width or high 500mm are the following, weight 1000kg above.
2: Ply 3 ~ 6mm, length 1200mm is the following, width or high 500mm.
3: Ply 3mm is the following, length 1200mm is the following, width or high 500mm are the following.
Second kind the useless steel that easy mincing treatment becomes afore-mentioned figure.
Third kind compress useless steel
1: Armor plate cuts a margin.
2: Latten of the plating that take off stannum spends steel.
3: Common useless steel.
4: Cut bits.
Fourth kind steel cuts bits
In the afore-mentioned classification that abandon steel, according to the agreement with the user, if abandon the dimension of steel and weight to be not affected,use, need not accept the restriction of afore-mentioned regulations.

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