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1, limits
This agreement stipulated cap uses aluminium and aluminium alloy board, the classification of strip, technical requirement, try proved recipe way, test gauge is reached pack, mark, carry, the content such as keep in storage.

This agreement applies to cap to use aluminium and aluminium alloy board, strip.

2, cite standard

The clause that following standard place contains, through citing in this agreement compose makes the clause of this agreement.
Method of tensile test of GB 228 metal
GB/T3190 is out of shape aluminium reachs part of aluminium alloy chemistry
GB/T3199 aluminium reachs what aluminium alloy processes a product to pack, mark, carry, keep in storage
GB5125 nonferrous metal develops a cup of analysis method
GB 6987 aluminium reachs method of aluminium alloy chemical analysis

3, contract content

The contract that orders this consultative place to arrange data should include following content
A) material name;
B) joins gold number;
C) material status;
D) material norms;
E) weight (or piece several) ;
This F) agreement number;
G) utility reachs special requirement.

4, requirement
4.1 brands, condition, classification

The brand of the product, condition, classification should accord with a watch the regulation of 1

Express 1
Standards of alloy name state (Mm)
Ply width length coils internal diameter Φ %
1100, 8011, 8111, 3003, 5052H14, h24, h16, h26, h180.2-0.350-1500500-2000200
Note: 1, be like need other alloy, condition and norms board strip, both sides of supply and demand can talk things over separately and make clear in the contract.
2, when offerring money with 3003 alloy, should add after alloy brand " S " namely " 3003S " .

4.2 mark give typical examples
With the H26 position that 8011 alloy create, ply is 0.23mm, width is for the strip mark of 610mm:
Take 8011H26 0.23*610*C EL/*273-1999

4.3 chemical composition

Board, the chemical composition of strip should accord with GB/T3190 regulation.

4.4 over all dimension reach tolerance
4.4.1 ply tolerance
Board strip ply tolerance is: ± 0.01mm.

4.4.2 width tolerance
Board strip width tolerance should accord with a watch the regulation of 2.

Ply width
0.2-0.3 ≤ 500>500
± 1 2

Tolerance of 4.4.3 plank length is: 2mm.

4.4.4 strip external diameter is carried out by contract provision.

Two diagonal deviation are not more than 4.4.5 plank 1mm.

4.5 mechanical function
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