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The country largest molybdenum associated uranium mineralization uranium produ

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The country largest molybdenum associated uranium mineralization uranium products qualified Recently, the nuclear Guyuan uranium industry limited liability company successfully produced the first batch of qualified products of uranium. After miscellaneous analysis, standard indicators, the product fully qualified, the basic realization of the project marks a continuous, balanced and stable production. According to China Economic Net report, Guyuan 460 deposit is found in most of the current molybdenum associated uranium deposit, the ore deposit and complicated, both to mining molybdenum ore grade uranium ore, uranium content have low single-molybdenum ore, difference between the two ore mining of large, belong to the same refractory ores, require high acid, high temperature and strong means of leaching of the target metal oxide. Development Guyuan uranium molybdenum molybdenum deposits associated with such a large uranium deposit in China is the first case, no similar experiences abroad can learn. Total investment of 620 million yuan in 460 projects comprehensive recovery of molybdenum deposits of uranium is the original defense of the Commission approved the first project is the largest investment in uranium mining and metallurgy projects in the new period. Was basically completed in April 2009, the same year in May and put into trial production. More than a year of testing pre-production work, Guyuan Uranium company overcome a series of difficulties, including problems to solve some of the world, through technology, process equipment and industrial facilities part of the rectification, the basic realization of a continuous, balanced, stable production.

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